June 19th, 2021 Update

Effect of Reopening after Stay-At-home Orders on Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Rate
(Stopping at secondary shutdowns)

Below is a map of the change in the rate of COVID-19 confirmed infections from when the state issued a stay-at-home order compared to when that state started to reopen. A negative number means the rate of confirmed infections over time decreased and a positive number means the rate increased.

Below is a scatter plot of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection over time, by state. It may be easier to view a specific state by deselecting other states data. The dashed line represents the confirmed cases after that state started to reopen. Double click on the state to show only that line or single click it to hide that line.

This is the timeline of when states started to reopen.

Below is the data table calculating the rate of COVID-19 infection from after that state issued a stay-at-home to before it started to reopen and after that state started to reopen.